Monday, March 7, 2016

Three Reasons to Plan and Go on a Seafood New Port Beach Trip

Newport Beach, California is home to so many gorgeous views and great attractions that you might recognize the area from some of your favorite films and television shows. You can lounge on the beach as you work on your tan, jump on some classic carnival rides or just enjoy some delicious food. Whether traveling with your partner or kids, check out some great reasons to make Newport Beach your next destination. Outdoor Attractions If you love nothing more than feeling the sunshine on your shoulders and playing outside, you will love Newport Beach. You can hop on the Balboa Ferry to have some fun on one of the nearby islands without worrying about what to do with your car. There is also the beach itself, which tourists and locals alike visit every day. You can take a surfing lesson, rent a surfboard, grab a kayak or even try paddleboarding. Other fun outdoor attractions include jet pack rides, kayaking and fishing.

Things to Do and Restaurants to Visit on a Balboa Island Vacation

Balboa Island is the name given to a series of three tiny islands off the coast of California. Located just a short drive from Newport Beach, the area was originally home to just a fishing wharf. Today, it ranks as a top tourist destination for those who want to enjoy some peace and quiet. On your next vacation, make sure you know what to do on your trip and which Balboa Island restaurants to try. On the Water A common reason travelers head to Balboa Island is because they want to experience life on the ocean. Imagine hearing the waves crashing right outside your window and the salty air everywhere you go. Some of the top activities on the island relate to the water as well. You can rent your own boat and sail around the islands, enjoy a picnic on the beach or go out on a boat tour. Several companies offer tours that let you see whales, dolphins and other marine life in the wild, or you can book a fishing expedition.