Monday, March 7, 2016

Three Reasons to Plan and Go on a Seafood New Port Beach Trip

Newport Beach, California is home to so many gorgeous views and great attractions that you might recognize the area from some of your favorite films and television shows. You can lounge on the beach as you work on your tan, jump on some classic carnival rides or just enjoy some delicious food. Whether traveling with your partner or kids, check out some great reasons to make Newport Beach your next destination. Outdoor Attractions If you love nothing more than feeling the sunshine on your shoulders and playing outside, you will love Newport Beach. You can hop on the Balboa Ferry to have some fun on one of the nearby islands without worrying about what to do with your car. There is also the beach itself, which tourists and locals alike visit every day. You can take a surfing lesson, rent a surfboard, grab a kayak or even try paddleboarding. Other fun outdoor attractions include jet pack rides, kayaking and fishing.

Things to Do and Restaurants to Visit on a Balboa Island Vacation

Balboa Island is the name given to a series of three tiny islands off the coast of California. Located just a short drive from Newport Beach, the area was originally home to just a fishing wharf. Today, it ranks as a top tourist destination for those who want to enjoy some peace and quiet. On your next vacation, make sure you know what to do on your trip and which Balboa Island restaurants to try. On the Water A common reason travelers head to Balboa Island is because they want to experience life on the ocean. Imagine hearing the waves crashing right outside your window and the salty air everywhere you go. Some of the top activities on the island relate to the water as well. You can rent your own boat and sail around the islands, enjoy a picnic on the beach or go out on a boat tour. Several companies offer tours that let you see whales, dolphins and other marine life in the wild, or you can book a fishing expedition.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Why You Should Dine at a Family-Run Seafood and Italian Restaurant

The age-old debate rages on surrounding family restaurants versus chain restaurant locations. There are cases where chain restaurants are of such quality and character that they are well worth your time. Where Italian and seafood restaurants in Newport Beach or anywhere else are concerned, the family-run model seems to offer a distinctive character that chains just cannot manage to bottle up and offer. Below are a few reasons why this seems to be the case. Family Seafood and Italian Restaurants Take Their Business Very Personally Where Italian family places are involved especially, the family business is intensely personal. For starters, their family name is often on the sign or on the proverbial door. In these cases, if someone is disappointed with the food or service, it is a family member who will bear the brunt of the complaints and endure the shame.

Treat Yourself to a Night Out at any Balboa Island Restaurants

Balboa Island is a popular spot for locals in Newport Beach and Costa Mesa. If you plan on making the trip, you may be looking for restaurants to eat at for a taste of the local cuisine. There are a number of casual restaurants on Balboa Island, and you can be sure that there’s something for everyone whether you want to party with friends or go on a date night with your sweetheart. Some of the local island restaurants have menus and dining experiences that are sure to please most people. The Fare Balboa Island is located right off of Newport Harbor near the Pacific Ocean, and this means that there is ample opportunity to enjoy freshly-caught seafood on the island. It’s also not uncommon for restaurants to have classic Italian dishes on their menus. They fuse these two types of food together to create gastronomical delights such as Filet Mignon with Scampi and Lobster Ravioli, Calamari Amelia, Linguini Clams and more.

Friday, January 8, 2016

What Seafood Restaurants in Newport Beach Have to Offer to Tourists

With its sun, sand, and surf, Newport Beach is a beach lover’s dream destination. It has the largest recreational harbor on the West Coast, offering amazing surfing, fishing, and other aquatic activities. After a day of activities, you can enjoy a delicious meal in any one of Newport Beach’s restaurants. Most of them are known for their Michelin-rated chefs and unique dining experiences. Here are some of the things that they have to offer: Variety Ranging from large restaurants that can seat up to 500 people to smaller ones that seat under a hundred, Newport has an establishment for any occasion. There is a broad range of quaint restaurants for intimate dinners or dates, while bigger parties also have a myriad of options. The culinary offerings are just as varied as well, from continental to Japanese cuisine.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Restaurants on Balboa Island: Experience Island Dining by the Bay

For those seeking a new adventure, Balboa Island offers one of the best restaurant experiences. The island is chock-full of highly rated restaurants with delicious food set in tune to local customs as well as international flavor. Not only is it home to Michelin-rated chefs, but it also has many restaurants with long-standing reputations in their community. One of the best ways to get the full Balboa Island experience is to dine in a restaurant that serves delicious dishes right by the water. The Dock and Dine Experience With all the boutique shops, fascinating attractions, and sights to experience, walking around the harbor is quite an adventure in itself. If you want to spend your time cruising the waves, however, consider renting a boat for the day to explore the island on water. Doing all this sightseeing can work up an appetite, and when you do, try the island’s “dock and dine” experience.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Dining at Sumptuous Seafood Restaurants: What Should You Order First?

If you aren't a regular patron of seafood restaurants, you'll likely have a hard time choosing from their mostly-exotic menu options. Is the salmon fresh and healthy? How much calories does that lobster tail contain? Which meal is the most well-balanced in terms of nutrition and flavor? This guide will help you determine what to order when dining in a Newport Beach seafood restaurant. Start Off With a Salad The free bread basket offered by most restaurants is indeed a tasty treat, but not really a nutritious or interesting appetizer choice. Instead, go for salad, particularly a colorful vegetable salad with a hint of vinaigrette dressing. This is perhaps the safest choice so that you don't end up overeating later on.