Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Restaurants on Balboa Island: Experience Island Dining by the Bay

For those seeking a new adventure, Balboa Island offers one of the best restaurant experiences. The island is chock-full of highly rated restaurants with delicious food set in tune to local customs as well as international flavor. Not only is it home to Michelin-rated chefs, but it also has many restaurants with long-standing reputations in their community. One of the best ways to get the full Balboa Island experience is to dine in a restaurant that serves delicious dishes right by the water. The Dock and Dine Experience With all the boutique shops, fascinating attractions, and sights to experience, walking around the harbor is quite an adventure in itself. If you want to spend your time cruising the waves, however, consider renting a boat for the day to explore the island on water. Doing all this sightseeing can work up an appetite, and when you do, try the island’s “dock and dine” experience.

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