Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Why You Should Dine at a Family-Run Seafood and Italian Restaurant

The age-old debate rages on surrounding family restaurants versus chain restaurant locations. There are cases where chain restaurants are of such quality and character that they are well worth your time. Where Italian and seafood restaurants in Newport Beach or anywhere else are concerned, the family-run model seems to offer a distinctive character that chains just cannot manage to bottle up and offer. Below are a few reasons why this seems to be the case. Family Seafood and Italian Restaurants Take Their Business Very Personally Where Italian family places are involved especially, the family business is intensely personal. For starters, their family name is often on the sign or on the proverbial door. In these cases, if someone is disappointed with the food or service, it is a family member who will bear the brunt of the complaints and endure the shame.

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